Collection: Art Decor - April 2023

The Wild Apple April 2023 lookbook features a stunning collection of art prints with three distinct themes: "Gothic Garden", "Farm Folk", and "Wild Wings". The "Gothic Garden" theme showcases a dark and moody aesthetic with botanical elements, while "Farm Folk" highlights the charm of rural living with its rustic and cozy designs. "Wild Wings" features the beauty of birds in all their glory, from swallows to the delicate hummingbird. Each theme offers a unique and captivating perspective on nature, with a wide range of styles and techniques from artists such as Silvia Vassileva, Alan Majchrowicz, and Courtney Prahl among many others. Whether you're looking to create a bold statement or add a subtle touch of nature to your decor, the Wild Apple April 2023 lookbook has something for everyone. Shop now to discover the latest art trends and elevate your home decor with Wild Apple.