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Art for Home Staging: Enhancing Homes with Wall Decor

Home staging has evolved over the years since its inception in the Seattle market. Today, it's more than just placing furniture. It's about creating an ambiance, a vibe that potential buyers or renters can envision themselves in. One of the most effective ways to elevate a space's appeal is through art, particularly wall decor. Whether it's a giclee print for the study or an oversized art piece for that large living room wall, the right piece can make all the difference. Decorus Art recognized this and took matters into their own hands during Covid 2020. After struggling to create cohesive designs in the Luxury Home Staging market in Seattle, we decided to bring Art Production in house. By bringing this in house we can now customize art to fit any space and any design on a moment's notice. We have an extensive library of artwork to choose from which grows weekly (39,000+), and our team of experts can help you create the perfect look for your home staging project. Our commitment to quality ensures that each piece is of the highest quality and will provide lasting beauty and value for your home staging inventory. We utilize real wood materials, NO foamcore moulding for our picture frames, or 100% polyester canvas. We specialize in creating high-end pieces at Home Stager friendly prices that will last and maximize the value your home staging business can bring to the table.

Print on Demand Art: A New Age Solution

In the digital era, print on demand art has emerged as a popular choice for home stagers. In addition to offering a wide range of designs, it also ensures flexibility in terms of size and medium. Whether you're looking for print on demand wall art for a compact studio or wall decor for a large living room wall, there's something for every space in our catalog. This option also allows home stagers who need something quickly or the ability to change out artwork a broad catalog of wall decor options at an affordable price.

Giclee Prints and Archival Prints: The Touch of Elegance

For those who value quality and longevity, giclee prints and archival prints stand out. These fine art prints, known for their precision and durability, can elevate any room. Especially when looking for wall art for staging a home. Such prints can add significant value to your home staging inventory and help your design stand out from the competition when most home stagers are using the same pool of vendors to source their artwork from.

Wall Decor for Different Spaces

  • Large Living Room Walls with Print on Demand: Stagers face challenges with wall decor for big walls in the living room. Here, opting for a large rolled canvas or a series of coordinated fine art or economy poster prints can work wonders. By using Ikea or Michaels frames, you can choose a print in various sizes from Decorus Art. You can have it rolled and shipped to you the same-day or next-day and then frame it in ready-to-purchase frames at your local Craft or Frame store. In addition to that, you have the flexibility of using hinge tape to swap out your print on demand art based upon your project. This allows you to save space in your warehouse, and allows you the flexibility to keep more of your framed artwork out in your home staging rotation at all times making you more money.

  • You can make a statement with a large living room wall with finished gallery wrapped or framed artwork by Decorus Art. Plus, it's an excellent way to customize your inventory from your home staging competition and make it distinct and on-brand for your specific product offering. All-in-all, it's a low-cost and effective way to stage difficult spaces or very large walls. Best part, Decorus Art offers special trade pricing to Home Stagers who are RESA® members. We know you need a lot of art, and in our experience we have used 60+ pieces in a single staged home, so we know the pain of getting a cohesive look at an affordable price. This is why we extend volume discounts to even the smallest home stager. Please contact us today for more information regarding this program, or take a look at our information in the RESA® buying group portal.

  • Bedrooms and Studies: While a bedroom might benefit from subtle, calming artwork, a study or home office can be enhanced with more vibrant, or bold art pieces. With our large selection of photography pieces and the ability to print and embellish our artwork. We can work together to create big bold designs for any project. If you don't need a finished piece, we can also help with rolled prints you can swap into new or existing frames to help refresh your old home staging artwork.

Rolled Prints and Canvases: The Flexible Choice

Rolled prints and canvases offer flexibility. They are easier to ship, can be framed by the home stager or a local framer, and are often more affordable then finished pieces. This makes them a popular choice for home staging artwork. It allows a broader use of your framed pieces, with the ability to swap art in and out as needed based upon the project.

Volume Ordering for Home Stagers

For home stagers who are starting out, or need to update or refresh their inventory, volume printing and volume finished art can be a cost-effective and efficient solution. It ensures uniformity across your inventory line in frame selection, print quality and affordability. Volume art can be particularly useful for brand-new home stagers, or stagers looking to purchase a specific cohesive project for a home staging or Short Term Rental Project.

Renting Art for Staging: An Emerging Trend

Not every stager wants to invest in buying art, especially for temporary home staging requests or for a piece a Realtor is requesting but won't really get used after that one project. This is where renting art for staging comes into play. From cheap wall art for staging homes, renting offers flexibility without the commitment or purchasing.

At Decorus Art we offer the ability of renting art for staging via our sister company Decorus Staging Solutions, based out of Seattle Washington. Decorus Staging Solutions offers the ablity to rent large Wall Decor Art at a fraction of paying for it new. Decorus Staging Solutions in partnership with Decorus Art can also manufacture the requested artwork needed for a Home Stage you would like to rent in the Seattle market, without paying for the entire purchase price of the art. For the upcoming and new Home Stagers, this is the perfect opportunity to get that wall decor for staging a house or large living room wall without breaking the bank!


Selecting the right art for staging houses is a blend of understanding the property, the potential audience you are marketing the home to, and the latest in wall decor trends.

Whether it's a print on demand piece, a rolled canvas, a giclee fine art print, or a finished framed piece of Art. The right artwork can transform a space, making it inviting, appealing, and ready to capture the heart and attention of anyone entering the staged home.

Choosing the right artwork can help create an atmosphere of warmth and comfort, while the right colors can help evoke certain emotions or feelings which are critical in the presentation of marketing a home using home staging. Additionally, artwork can be used to evoke a sense of identity and uniqueness to your brand as a Home Stager.

Stand out from the competition and let your imagination run wild on the home staging Art inventory you have always dreamed of. Contact us today on how we can help that dream come true. 

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