About Us

It all began when my wife, Natalie Lorenz, CEO of Decorus Home Staging, could not get art for our Seattle-based luxury home staging company in the spring of 2020 during Covid.

Our art orders were sitting on docks in Los Angeles, a port in China, stuck out at Sea for months, or sat on a trucks or in parking lots. Often, our art orders were not to be seen for weeks on end until it would randomly show up on our dock. Meanwhile, the design projects kept coming in, some with upwards of 50 pieces of art being required!

Enough was enough.

Coming with an old school American “can-do-attitude”, we decided we needed the ability to make our own Art on demand, and thus Decorus Art was born. Originally based in Kirkland,Washington, we have expanded to another printing location in Sarasota, Florida.

Working in conjunction with art licenser Wild Apple to offer some of the most talented and amazing artists, we launched our framed canvas art business, which originally catered to the Home Staging industry. We quickly expanded our print offering outside home staging. We now offer economy paper, giclée fine art, canvas, and giclée canvas prints - all made to order utilizing the latest in print technology.

We also provide finished framing services in Kirkland, WA location, and have them shipped to you. Full service framing coming soon to Sarasota, FL. We would love to help you find that amazing piece of big art work for your next project! Contact us today for a full-service framing quote.