Image Aspect Calculator

Our Aspect Ratio Calculator is designed to help artists, photographers, and designers easily determine the scaled dimensions of their artwork while maintaining the perfect aspect ratio. By entering the original width and height of an image, users can instantly view a range of possible resized dimensions that keep the original proportion between width and height intact.

How to Use:

Enter the Original Dimensions: Input the width and height of your artwork in the designated fields.

Hit Calculate: Press the 'Calculate Sizes' button to generate a list of scaled dimensions.

View Results: The calculator will display a list of all possible new sizes, sorted from smallest to largest, that maintain the original aspect ratio. The original size will be highlighted in bold.

How It Works: The calculator operates by systematically adjusting the original dimensions up and down, ensuring that each new set of dimensions adheres strictly to the original aspect ratio. It starts from a minimum dimension of 6 inches and goes up to a maximum of 57 inches (Which is currently the wides we can print for Canvas with a mirrored image), increasing by precise increments to cover all feasible sizes within this range. It employs a very tight tolerance level for aspect ratio accuracy, ensuring that each dimension pair is a perfect match.


    Disclaimer Disclaimer: While our Aspect Ratio Calculator is designed to provide accurate resizing options based on the input dimensions, it is essential to verify the calculations manually before finalizing any designs or print orders. We strive to ensure precision, but slight discrepancies may occur due to rounding or other factors. Always double-check the math and the resulting dimensions to ensure they meet your specific requirements.