Collection: Art Decor - May 2024

Embark on a Global Artistic Journey with Wild Apple's May 2024 Lookbook

Welcome to the May 2024 edition of Wild Apple’s lookbook, a collection that captures the spirit of adventure and the beauty of our diverse planet. This month, our curated selections feature a variety of styles and themes, each designed to bring a unique touch of inspiration to your living space.

The Pathfinder collection is perfect for those who dream of adventure. From the mysterious depths of underwater realms to sweeping landscapes and remote vistas, this trend invites you to explore the world through art. Max Blakesberg’s Studios stunning photography, including pieces like "Hawaiian Glow" and "African Sunrise," captures the essence of natural beauty with a unique blend of natural light and underwater photography.

Haley Knighten’s Earthbound collection features soothing earthy tones—lush greens, deep rusts, and robust browns—that create inviting and peaceful interiors. Her works, such as "Crimson Creek" and "McCormick Ridge," transform traditional landscapes into serene, modern compositions.

The Boho Landscapes by Omar Escalante offer a simplified, illustrative take on nature’s timeless beauty. Pieces like "Boho Landscape I" and "Boho Desert I" are perfect for creating serene spaces that reflect contemporary tastes, with a fresh and modern take on traditional scenery.

In the Soft Petals collection, artists like Yvette St. Amant and Anne Tavoletti bring the light and airy vibes of springtime into your living spaces. Their soft floral art, such as "Golden Blooms I" and "Spring Bouquet I," uses muted tones of pink, yellow, and earthy greens to create a sense of perpetual spring.

For those who appreciate culinary art, the Gourmet Gallery collection is a feast for the eyes. Wellington Studio’s vivid renderings of delectable dishes, like "Cheesy" and "Sundae," bring out the textures and tones of each meal, adding a touch of gourmet elegance to your decor.

The Squeeze the Day collection merges the zest of lemon motifs with the classic charm of blue and white pottery. Artists like Yvette St. Amant and Danhui Nai blend vibrant color palettes with vintage influences, creating lively and cheerful pieces like "Blue Leaf Lemons I" and "Elegant Fruit I."

Global Shapes celebrates the intricate beauty of Moroccan gates, the spiritual symmetry of mandalas, and the ornate detail of tiles. Rendered in muted pastels, pieces like "Moroccan Streets Tiled Alcove" by Yvette St. Amant bring a whisper of global flair to any space, inviting a journey of the eyes and the imagination.

Finally, Jeanette Vertentes’s vibrant and bold compositions, such as "New Beginnings" and "August Blooms," bring a touch of contemporary spirit to the collection. Her colorful paintings are filled with energy and movement, perfect for adding a lively touch to any room.

Explore these collections and more in Wild Apple’s May 2024 lookbook. Each piece is a testament to the exceptional talent and vision of our artists, offering a diverse range of styles and themes to inspire and elevate your decor. Discover the perfect artwork to transform your space into a haven of beauty and creativity.