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Swappable Art Picture Frame

Swappable Art Picture Frame

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Revolutionize Your Home Staging with Decorus Art’s Swappable Art Picture Frame

Introducing Decorus Art’s innovative Swappable Art Picture Frame, a game-changer for home staging professionals. Used and tested by Decorus Home Staging, this product is designed to offer versatility, cost efficiency, and aesthetic excellence.

Key Features:

  • Customizable and Versatile: Our Swappable Art Picture Frames allow you to easily switch out artwork to suit the specific needs of each staging project. This flexibility means your frames are always in rotation, ensuring no artwork sits idle on the shelf.
  • Cost Reduction: By investing in sets of these frames and ordering prints to fit, you significantly reduce monthly art purchasing costs. When a special piece is needed, simply order a print from Decorus Art to swap in, avoiding the expense of full finished pieces that may not be reused frequently.
  • Premium Quality: Crafted from high-quality Larson Juhl frame material, our initial offerings come in sleek black and white moldings, providing a professional and timeless look.
  • Included Mattes: Each frame comes with two included mattes, offering two different size openings to accommodate various prints and budgets. This feature allows you to tailor the look and fit perfectly for each job.
  • Optimal Shipping Size: These frames are the largest we can ship without incurring UPS/FedEx large package charges, ensuring a quick and efficient way to get artwork for home staging fast.
  • Unique Selection: Stand out from the competition with custom artwork that isn’t the same as what your competitors are purchasing from big-box stores like Target, HomeGoods, and Hobby Lobby.

Frame Dimensions and Matte Openings:

Create Stunning Statements: For large or statement pieces, our frames can be used in pairs or even groups of 4, 6, or more to create a significant visual impact. Perfect for showcasing black and white photography, botanicals, and more, these frames allow you to craft a cohesive and striking display.

Transform your staging projects with the practicality and elegance of Decorus Art’s Swappable Art Picture Frames. Enhance your decor with ease, reduce costs, and maintain a dynamic art collection that keeps every space fresh and inviting. Experience the convenience and beauty of art that adapts to your needs, ensuring your home staging is always at its best.

Bulk Purchasing for Swappable Art Product

To help you save on shipping costs and efficiently build up your inventory, we offer bulk purchasing options for our Swappable Art Product. This is an excellent solution for those looking to quickly stock up or start their home staging business.

  • Shipping by Pallet: We can ship multiple units by the pallet, which significantly reduces shipping expenses.
  • Packaging: Typically, we pack 2 units per box and can fit 5-6 boxes on a single pallet.
  • Consistent Pricing: The unit cost remains the same as you are already benefiting from our lowest pricing.

This bulk purchasing option ensures you get the best value while maintaining high-quality, customizable artwork for your staging needs.


Please note at this time that our swappable art frames are made to order. As a result, lead times can be 2-4 weeks before we ship them. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


Larson Juhl real wood moulding frames with Acrylic glazing and basic white mattes.

Moulding Specifications:

Essentials 1 1/8" Cube Black or White
Item # : 80909 / 80908

1 1/8"
1 1/2"
Rabbet Depth
1 1/8"


30x38: Fits prints sized 24x32 or 18x24

24x36: Fits prints sized 18x27 or 12x18

38x38: Fits prints sized 30x30

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Print on Demand Specific Information

All our prints are Print on Demand prints arrive ROLLED in a tube or a box. These are NOT finished or framed Art pieces unless specified as such.

All sizes are specified in inches.

Canvas prints come standard with a 3" Mirror bleed to allow for gallery stretching. If a different bleed or type of bleed is required please contact us before placing your order or add the request to the Notes section before adding it to your cart.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you do Custom Sizes?

Yes, we do custom sizes. Please send your part number and the custom size, and substrate you are looking to have printed and we can quote you the price or build you a draft order. Please send inquiries to

Do you modify or crop images?

Do you need us to alter an image ratio, artist signature, change color, or other image manipulation? There is a flat $25 design fee. If the image ratio is staying the same and you just need a size not listed, please email us at or tell us in chat and we can add that option to our website. There is no charge for the same ratio in a size not listed.

Does your canvas prints come with a bleed for stretching?

Yes, by default all Canvas Prints come standard with a 3" Mirrored bleed.

What is your Return policy?

Our return policy is that all sales are final due to the nature of print on demand. However, we do accept returns in cases of manufacturing defects or delivery of the wrong item. Please contact us immediately if you receive a defective or incorrect item.

What is the price for a size not listed?

To see a price for a custom size not listed, please check out our online pricing calculator here:

What other sizes available for a print?

To see other sizes we are capable of printing while matching the original ratio. Please click here and plug in the original size to show other options which may not be listed:

Who prints all your reproduction artwork?

We print all the artwork featured on the website in-house on our wide format printers.