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Engraved Birds I Aged

Engraved Birds I Aged

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Reproduction of Engraved Birds I Aged by Wild Apple Portfolio

"Engraved Birds I Aged" by Wild Apple Portfolio is a quintessential representation of classical ornithological illustration, imbued with a serene blend of scientific accuracy and artistic elegance. This reproduction print meticulously captures the delicate intricacies of a wren, a small bird renowned for its melodious song and vibrant plumage. The wren is illustrated perched on a slender branch, its detailed feathers depicted with a rich palette of earthy tones, ranging from deep browns to subtle hints of beige. The bird’s plumage is rendered with an impressive texture that highlights each individual feather, creating a lifelike and dynamic image. Its posture, poised and slightly leaning forward, conveys a sense of lively curiosity and alertness, while the subtle shadows and light reflections add depth and realism to the composition. The background is minimalist, allowing the viewer to focus exclusively on the bird and the branch, adorned with verdant green leaves that exude a calm, natural elegance. This simplicity in the backdrop serves to further emphasize the subject matter, enhancing its prominence and contributing to the classical aesthetic of the artwork. The edges of the print exhibit a gentle antiquated effect, evoking a sense of timelessness and classical beauty reminiscent of 18th and 19th-century natural history engravings. This aged patina lends an air of historical authenticity to the piece, making it a perfect addition for those with an appreciation for vintage art and natural history. Overall, "Engraved Birds I Aged" can be classified within the realm of botanical and zoological illustration, celebrated for its intricate detail, historical charm, and artistic fidelity to the natural world. This reproduction print is not merely a piece of art; it is a homage to the enduring splendor of nature and the meticulous study of its creations.

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© Wild Apple Graphics

Part Number: 88636b

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Print on Demand Canvas: 19mil Universal Poly Cotton
Canvas. Weight 360 gsm, Satin Finish. UV Ink Based print.

Standard Image Bleed provided is a mirrored 3".


Print on Demand Economy Poster: 8.1mil Poster Paper. Weight 205 gsm. Satin. UV Ink Based print.

Print on Demand Fine Art: 10mil alternative matte paper. Weight 230gsm, Matte finish. Aqeuous Giclée ink based printer.


We print with a small trim box around the printed image, along with order and copyright information in the trim whitespace. If you would like to have the image with no trim box and cut to edge please specify in the notes section on each item.

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